My Farewell to CP*

*(This has been a long time coming but I finally got more CP photos scanned to allow some of my better shots to be put up on the website.)

In 1985 CSX signed a trackage agreement with Canadian Pacific (CPRR) to allow 6 daily trains (3 east bound, 3 west bound) from Detroit to Chicago over the Plymouth and Grand Rapids subdivisions. This was CPRR's primary route to Chicago from Southern Ontario until CPRR moved their trains over to the ex-Wabash/Norfolk Southern Line in 2005.  CPRR continued to run some trains over CSX until July 2010 when the last train (X500) ran from Chicago to Detroit.  At their peak CPRR was running as many as 12 trains daily between Chicago and Detroit over CSX.   These trains where originally numbered as "R" trains until CSX renumbered them into "X" trains (indicated foreign road trains on CSX) in the late 1990's. 

There was always a variety of power starting in the early days with a lot of Canadian built Alco unit as well as Soo Line EMD products.  Later CP EMD and GE CW44-9's where the power on these trains.   They could seen all hours of the day and night as CSX tried to schedule as many of these trains in such a way to move them as quickly as possible over the 298 miles from Detroit to Chicago.  Realistically they showed up almost anywhere at anytime as railroadings typical delays took their toll on whatever schedule was in place at that time. 

Here are some of my favorite shots of the CP\Soo "Railrunners" at various locations along the line. 


    CP "well" train enters Wyoming Yard at Plaster Creek. 

     2 CP Alco's lead a mixed freight down the siding at Fox in SE Grand Rapids. 

    CP 5743 leads X501 westbound at CG6.0 Grandville back in 1994.

    CP 5725 with single stacks in tow at east end of Hudsonville.


    SOO SD60 6051 leads a mixed freight down the main at Sunfield, MI in 1995

    CP 6033 in late fall sunset glow westbound near Hudsonville, MI 1993.


    Candy apple red SOO 781 leads eastbound train out of Wyoming Yard.

    SOO 6030 heads east through SE Grand Rapids in early spring of 1994.

    CP 5567 and 2 other EMD units pull a WB mixed freight into Wyoming Yard in 1997.


    SOO 758 one of 3 EMD units stopped awaiting signal to enter siding at Hudsonville for a meet with an east bound CP train.

   Rare "B" unit SOO 6450.

  SOO 6618 in trail at Hudsonville MI. 


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