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STATUS:  Down for good

Sorry but my feed is down for good.  I've finally decided to pull the plug for good on this feed.  I'm leaving the location and milepost map up for reference purposes. 

If you want please check out these links as they are much better equipped to handle the feed than my small set up.

CSX 0808 (Road) -

CSX 3535 (GR Sub Dispatch) -

Grand Rapids Area Shortlines -


Some Locations and mileposts on the Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids Terminal and Plymouth Subdivisions:

Grand Rapids Subdivision Grand Rapids Terminal Subdivision Plymouth Subdivision
     ends at CH24.1  Hines Park
    CH120.4  Lake Odessa
    CH130.4   Elmdale
    CH133.9   Alto
    CH137.3   McCords
    CH142.5   Fox Siding
  CH148.1  Seymour (east end double track)  
  CH151.0  Hall St  
  CH151.3  Grand Rapids (Pleasant St.)  
  CH151.7  Godfrey\Sunnyside  
  CGT2.0  Plaster Creek (east end of Wyoming yard)  
  CGT3.5  Lamar (west end of Wyoming yard)  
CG5.2    Ivanrest    
CG6.0    Grandville (west end double track)    
CG7.2    Jenison

CSX ex-Ludington Subdivision*

CG11.8  Hudsonville CGE3.7 Fuller (GR&E Interchange)  
CG16.4  Vriesland CGE 6.2 Comstock Park  
CG20.7  Zeeland CGE 9.4 Alpine  
CG24.4  Waverly CGE15.6 Sparta  
CG25.3  Holland line extends to Baldwin MI CGE 74.4  
ends at CG136.3 Porter (NS connection to Chicago)    




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Last Update 01/26/2017